Electric vehicles have great potential to help reduce the world’s oil consumption and greenhouse gas emissions if used on a large scale. Many of the electric transmission grids in service around the world were designed and built more than a half-century ago. While changes and upgrades have obviously been made over the years, the systems were generally developed with very different resources in mind than what is regularly coming online today; explicitly the EV charging needs are not been considered at that moment.

By using XMight dynamic energy load balancing technology, all the capacity in the customer’s electrical system can be used for charging. It’s no electrical infrastructure upgrade for EV charging. Easy remote monitor and management via a user-friendly web browser or mobile app to provide optimum flexibility. The maximum power of the charging station can be set through the cloud service. This value can be changed at any time with a few steps. The building management system can set the maximum power to the cluster of charging stations by connecting with the XMight cloud services.

Renewables and distributed energy resources are workable solutions that can lead to a reliably functioning modern power grid to help EV charging needs. XMight EV charging system automatically increases EV charging current while detecting there is the energy released from the grid to building power systems and renewable energy.  Furthermore, the contract capacity of the power system of the building is under well-management. You don’t have to worry about penalties from excessive usage.

The XMight smart EV charging system monitors the total energy consumption of appliances and balances the distribution of the total available power in real-time. Not only does this protect building infrastructure construction, but it also ensures EVs are fully charged at the lowest possible cost.  

We provide a cost-efficient system and services that can save your time and cost dealing and easy integration with EV charging eco-systems.  

You can enjoy the EV charging service anywhere!


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