How could one man save 10,000 souls?

A “Reunion with Darrell” on Zoom was held on Oct. 9th, 2020. About 30 people from United States and China were gathered online with their spiritual teacher Darrell Hymel. The online meeting started with the Song <Amazing Grace>, followed by the story sharing and worship from the Christians who were led to God by Darrell. Dick Sullivan, Kelly Hammel who went to China with Darrell several times joined this reunion and interacted with their “loge time no see old friends”. This event was organized by Diana Ding, Lily Zhang, Licia Liu, Judy Liu and Hellen Wei. 

For nearly 30 years Darrell Hymel has been preaching the gospel in China. Spent 100+ days every year in China for over 14 years. God has saved thousands of people in China through his work. Over 10,000 people were baptized and became Christians. Diana Ding was one of them who baptized in Hangzhou in 1998.

Christians from different cities in US and China shared their stories.

Diana Ding said:
“I heard many thrilling stories about Darrell’s evangelizing in China. He went through tremendous difficulties and dangers during his trip. How could one man save 10,000 souls? This is the miracle and faith that inspired me and many others.

I knew God through Darrell over 20 years ago , my life and my best friend Lily’s life was completely changed since then. There were setbacks, but there are always peace and joy. Like what he did to me and Lily, Darrell has dedicated  his life to brothers and sisters in China for 30 years.
God touched my heart to organize an online reunion with Darrell. Inviting brothers and sisters who were touched by Darrell from Zhuhai, Guangdong and others cities in China getting together again with Darrell, encouraging each other and sharing how God has changed our lives.”


From Judy Liu:
Winter of 2000, that was my most miserable time in my life— my ex abandoned me and my two years old daughter KaiKai. I was so sad thinking that my little Kaikai will not have a father in her life anymore just like myself — At that time my university roommate Sandra reached out to me and planted seed in my heart to accept Jesus as my lord—she was off from her work due to pregnancy , she told me —‘when I was working, I was busy as a dog. And I would not have so much time to teach you gospel like this’ . Soon I was ready to accept Jesus as my Lord. Sandra told me in excited tone “Darrell is coming in 2 weeks , and he is the best bible teacher to baptize you ‘— so I made a special trip to Shenzhen as soon as Darrell arrived .Darrell baptized me in the hotel bathtub in front of Sandra .Then the following week Darrell came over to Zhuhai and I had the opportunity to meet a group of Christians in Zhuhai in hotel . Everything planned out so well in God’s hands—when I entered hotel , non Christians were in outside living room hearing gospel , and Christians were in another room to discuss how to plan worship together as a group. I had a honor to go straight inside even I was just baptized less than 1 week ago. So I started my Christian life with lots of friends here today who are online now too. Darrell is such a faithful teacher, he has made huge impact to our spiritual life and I feel that I have sound understanding of Christian belief due to his guidance. And all my good things came around are amazing grace from God. I remember clearly that a new Christian Jenny told me —-just by looking at Darrell , you would believe that what he has been teaching is true, he would not be a person who will come across the sea just for coming to tell everybody a lie. It is the same parallel as how people looked Jesus and how they trust Jesus’  teaching for the very same reason, either he is a great teacher teaching truth or he is a liar.
I have been living and working in USA for 13 years, my mum was baptized 12 years ago and has been living with me in US for 9 years, my daughter Kai was baptized when she was 14 years old, she graduated from Oklahoma Christian university this April . Since I came here , I saw Darrell almost every other year since Darrell visited the church of Christ in Cedar park, Austin, Houston, Corpus Christi, which are not far from me.

My favorite song is —“the most beautiful blessing In the life is to getting to know Jesus”. I believe the best bible teacher I have met is Darrel, as he set up the best example as a Christian. I could not imagine without his help , how hopeless and miserable we would still be in our spiritual lives.

One of my most impressing memories in USA — the 2nd year after I arrived in USA, in 2007, Darrell came to visit Cedar park COC, my husband Mark was out with girls, that Sunday afternoon I was by myself staying for the afternoon bible study and then when we were all leaving for home, it was already in dark. Darrell was in the car in front of me sitting with his friend in Cedar Park COC who he would spend overnight with, I was driving my 1992 sedan caprice behind him, the car was so old and it had manual turn on headlight only. It did not have auto turn on function. I was driving in the dark, and I did not realize it since I was such a new driver. Darrell noticed it and had to pull aside , stopped me and reminded me that I had to turn on headlights. Lots of Christians Darrell has helped are like his spiritual children, he cares if we know that we need to walk in the light not in the dark. And he tries his best to bring light to our lives no matter we are in China or in USA . He is a messenger of God in our lives. Thank you , Darrell, for your special love to Chinese ! And thanks for all the brothers and sisters who have been supporting his trips by prayers, financial and companionships!


From Lily Zhang:

Diana has been my best friend for many years before I met Darrell. I had marriage problems at that time.  I was struggling with a decision.  Should I get a divorce, or should I stay married for my daughter? That time my daughter was very little that she was just two years old. Diana had been helping me for a while and then one day she invited me to study English. She took me to the hotel where Darrell taught people about the Bible.

That was the first time I learned about the Bible. Darrell used some Chinese characters and connected them with Bible stories. I found it very interesing. I listened and listened. Suddenly a Bible verse caught my attention.

Matthew 6:25-27, “Therefore I tell  you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body, what you will wear, is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?

Look at the birds of the air, they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”

These words totally eased my worries. At that time, I was worried about questions like
“How much money did I have?” or “How can I take care of my little daughter and myself if I become a single mom?”

After attending the Bible study a few times, I decided to follow Jesus. Darrell baptized me and I became a Christian in Zhuhai. Darrell helped us start a Bible study group. Since then I always go to our zhuhai group every Sunday. I brought my daughter there with me. I also brought my parents whenever they visiting me from Beijing. They enjoyed spending the time with our group and enjoyed studying Bible.Finally they decided to follow Jesus too then Darrell  baptized my parents. That was a amazing memory for me and my family.

Diana is very special in my life. She always is a good influence and tries to share her best stuff. Jesus is the very best thing that she shared with me. One example she gave was what would happen if I was drowned in the river. If I was scared and fought her in the water when she was trying to rescue me, I may drag her down into the water with me. But if I was obedient and calm, she can easily save my life. I listened. She is the angel God sent me. Indeed, God has changed and saved me through Diana and Darrell.

I have been in the United  States since 2005. I only had a part time job for two years. Mostly I have been taking care of my daughter and husband. I am very proud of my daughter who has a big dream and is a very good Christian that all because she grow up at our zhuhai Bible study group. I have had ups and downs in my life. But I always stay close with God. He gives me strength and power and a peaceful heart. For that I am truly thankful.

From Sandra Deng:

Darrell is the teacher who dedicated himself to preach gospel in China. His passion for fulfilling God’s will impressed me deeply.  I remember many times he just ran to the McDonald grap fast food and ran back quickly in case that people who came to study bible had to wait for him in the hotel. There was a few times that Darrell almost lost his voice due to he overused his voice yet still continued to teach.
 He is the one who baptized my husband Michael. It was very late that night,Michael was ready to be baptized after study, but he was too big and tall for the hotel bathtub. So 5-6 big guys crowded in a car driving to the sea 1-2 hours away.  Darrell and my husband  walked into the sea wearing their shoes in case the stones hurt their feet. When they stepped in, Darrell held Michael. Later Michael told me that he almost stepped into a cliff, he would dropped down if Darrell hadn’t hold him. I will never forget this.
The other things I will never forget is the guidance and advices that Darrell gave me. “If you want to find the right man you should be the right woman.” “A marriage without Jesus will be miserable and tragic.” “Bring your boyfriend(Michael) here ” “High salary now is a blessing, when you have child you can consider quit job” …… All these precious words bless me walking  through the difficult times and later I use them to help many others.
When my daughter got pneumonia after her birth , Darrell came to the hospital to visit us.  His words really warmed my heart.
I am so thankful that there is Darrell. May God continue to bless him and his work! Thanks  the people who has been supporting his work.


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