Be Counted in the 2020 Census Today!

Be Counted in the 2020 Census Today!

Time is running out to take the 2020 Census! Don’t be left out – make sure your voice is heard in the census. Together, we can help ensure critical funding for our community over the next ten years.


What is the census?

Every 10 years, we count every person living in the United States in the census.


How do you take the census?

Taking part in the 2020 Census is easy. It takes less than ten minutes to complete your census. Every household in America should have received information about the census in March through the mail. But don’t worry – you can still complete the census online at my2020census.gov or over the phone by calling 844-391-2020 (Mandarin) or 844-398-2020 (Cantonese).

Remember to count everyone living in your household. That includes children, parents, roommates and renters in your home. Count everyone, regardless of immigration status.


Why is the census important?

It is very important that we all get counted in the 2020 Census. Hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding are allocated based on population counts determined by the census. This affects how much money we receive for local schools, hospitals, roads, emergency services, and much more.

The census also helps make sure that we have a voice in government. It is used to determine how many representatives we have in the U.S. Congress, and helps keep communities together when legislative districts are formed.

It is so important that everyone in our community gets counted. Our success will determine how much funding our community receives for critical services over the next ten years. And it will ensure that our community has the representation we deserve at the state and federal levels of government.


What else do I need to know about the census?

The census is completely private! In fact, the census will not ask for your immigration status, credit card information or Social Security number. The census also will not share your personal information with anyone – not with landlords, property owners, law enforcement or immigration officials. Your responses are completely confidential by law.

Now is the time to stand up and get counted for our community. You can take the census right now – over the phone at 844-391-2020 (Mandarin) or 844-398-2020 (Cantonese) or online at my2020census.gov.



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