Leading Unapologetically: How AAPI Leadership Leverage Their Cultural Strengths to Promote Change

Aligned with the National Civic Leadership Forum’s vision to forge unity among a diverse group of multicultural AAPI community members, to develop civic leadership, fight against racial bias, and work towards equality, Ron Rapatalo, Principal at Edgility Consulting, will be leading a career panel of AAPI professionals from around the country to share their educational and professional experiences.

This panel is comprised of professionals from the nonprofit, higher education, and industry sectors, and panel members will reflect on a variety of topics, including:

  • How their racial and ethnic identities impacted their educational paths and professional aspirations.
  • The cultural assets they had access to or gained and developed along the way.
  • How identity influences how they lead their teams, departments, and organizations.
  • How they are empowering community members to work towards equality and/or to be more civically engaged.
  • How they have navigated recent experiences with anti-Asian racism.


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