Why APAPA Supports ACA-5 and Affirmative Action?

With racial polarization at astounding heights and frustrated Americans taking to the streets, now is the time for Californians to stand up and address historical and systemic racial, ethnic and gender inequalities. Hundreds of APIA organizations and key elected leaders have joined the broad coalition to support ACA 5. However, a vocal but small minority of APIA are actively mobilizing against affirmative action spreading misinformation and polarizing the issue.

“We felt there was an urgent need to help dispel the misinformation around support for ACA 5 and put out information which helps our community, particularly more recent Chinese-speaking immigrants, better understand the facts surrounding affirmative action,” said Yen Marshall, APAPA National Executive Director.

The controversy within the APIA community is being fueled by activists who are inaccurate in their assumptions that affirmative action hurts our community. Affirmative action helps to level the playing field and attempts to provide equal opportunity in the face of discrimination and institutional and systemic racism.

We feel a great responsibility to put the truth out about affirmative action because so many in the APIA community were being misled. Our APIA community must take a holistic approach and support good policies based on facts and the overall good.

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