A global pandemic – A mysterious virus that made the world stand still yet united!!! by Suchitra Mayuri Devi

Covid-19  a global    PANDEMIC

Coronavirus disease also known as COVID-19  is an infectious disease caused by the newly discovered coronavirus.

People mostly who get infected with the COVID-19 virus experiences mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without special treatment. On the other hand older people and those with underlying medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, heart disease or chronic respiratory disease are more likely to develop serious illness. The COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

The best way to prevent and slow down transmission of this mysterious virus is to be well aware of the virus behaviour  and its causes and how it spreads. Till date there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19 but there are many ongoing clinical trials evaluating potential treatments .

The outbreak of coronavirus disease or COVID-19 has created a global health crisis that has had a deep impact on the way we live our everyday lives. The rate of contagion and patterns of transmission has threatened humanity as the safety measures requires social distancing which is by refraining from doing what is inherently human, which is to find solace in the company of others. This virus has become a psychological threat as social and physical distancing plays a pivotal role in our lives on individual, social and societal levels.


The mass media is one of the powerful forces which has been recognized as a medium of shaping how we experience the world.

With the help of technological transformations like radio, internet, television, mobiles, this recognition is accompanied by a growing volume of research and have been creating large scale impacts on humanity on how we perceive ourselves as individuals and citizens.

Effective health communication for the adoption of sustainable preventive measures and curtailing misinformation, public health communication to increase psychological resources and resilience in distinct age groups and socio economic conditions should be given utmost priority by the media while helping against COVID-19. Effective strategies for helping individuals in dealing with social and physical distancing and reduction of stigma, prejudice, discrimination and inequalities. The different media industries and channels for mass communication should promote adaptive responses to foster positive health and adherence to preventive measures.


The LOCKDOWN in reaction to the COVID-19 PANDEMIC will have terrible consequences on an informal economy that relies on movements and will deepen the socio economic inequalities that divide the country. The risk of people dying from hunger is extremely high and the death toll will be worsened by poor health infrastructures.

The crucial importance of movement and sociability in humanity can therefore have devastating consequences due to the LOCKDOWN.

In such a historical moment, one would expect to place national unity above all and to relegate stigmatization as well as religious/ ethnic/ caste / class based polarization to the backstage. In economies where informal employment is the rule rather than exception, and where social protection remains the privilege of a minority, social connection and movement are simply necessary for survival and protection.

COVID-19 Potential Vaccines

The novel coronavirus is rapidly spreading its fang globally and has already led to more than 366,893 deaths and 5,985,433 total confirmed cases and will surely spike continuously in the time to come.

The world has joined hands to find a vaccine for the novel coronavirus and scientists and medical researchers across the globe are scrambling for the first breakthrough. A vaccine is the most effective way of putting a pause on the spread of CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19).


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  1. A small act of kindness could become a movement, Shawna, you share your love for family, friends and people in need,
    from video, I find your kindness is changing the everyone.


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