Introducing partner program by chair of partners Sandy Wang | Press conference for Video & Essay Contest to tell the Humanistic Stories of the Current Pandemic

Chair of  “In Time of COVID-19” Video Competition Partners

COO of Ding Ding TV

Vice President of Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Festival (SVEF)

Chair of Jiangsu Association of California

Chair of US-China Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley

Sandy Wang is a chief operating officer of Ding Ding TV and senior executive vice president of SVEF.  Sandy held multiple management roles over 9 years in Ding Ding TV. She is also the co-producer and host of “Silicon Valley Story” that won the Best New Media Video of 2012 from NCCMA.

She has more than 23 years of experience in the management, operation, and marketing sectors of China, Canada, and the United States.

Sandy Wang is actively involved with non-profit organizations and charities. She also serves as a chair of US-China Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley and Jiangsu Association of California.

DingDing TV (Silicon Valley Innovation Channel and Voice of Asian Americans) and CLUSA together with our 16 partners are promoting a Video Essay Contest to tell the Humanistic Stories of the current pandemic. In a matter of months, COVID-19 has spread to every corner of our world causing deaths, wreaking havoc to our bodies, our well-being, our health care, and economic systems.

Purpose of the “In Time of COVID-19” Video Essay Contest:

Every calamity carries its own humanistic stories. We believe that the current pandemic has generated a treasure trove of interesting stories about humanity in all its spectrums. Stories about greed, selfishness, and scapegoating on the one side, but also stories about generosity, heroism, kindness, and outstanding services to fellow human beings on the other.

This “In Time of  COVID-19” Video Essay Contest is open to all independent journalists, ethnic Media, event organizers, and civic organization contestants. Contestants are required to submit in English a horizontal video of less than one minute in length to be accompanied by a written essay of fewer than 600 words. The theme should focus on the uplifting and inspirational stories relating to the current pandemic. Submissions are accepted immediately and opened until May 30, 2020.

A diverse panel of Judges will select one (1) First Prize Winner ($3,000), two (2) Second Prize winners ($1,500 each), and three (3) Third Prize winners ($1,000 each). Additionally, a $1000 prize will be awarded to the Most Popular entrance as selected by Viewer’s Choice.

Contest Information and Rules Please visit: http://www.dingdingtv.com/?p=57035
Email to: contest@dingdingtv.com


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