Students and a Martial Arts Legend Performed at The SF Bay Area College for Kung Fu Night 2019.

HAYWARD, Calf. – The Sixth Annual Kung Fu Night (2019) provided the audience with martial arts precision, choreographed dance, and other cultural performances.

The Chabot College Performing Arts Center hosted the yearly festivity, December 20, 2019, at their East Bay locale, 25555 Hesperian Boulevard, Hayward, CA 94545.

USA Fuji Foundation started the Kung Fu Night to spread the Chinese Culture via the martial art to the Northern California residents, other parts of the country and even the continent of North America. Xin Gu is the Producer of the KFN. She has already won lots of national and international Martial Arts Awards. As a young Martial Arts Master, this is the second time she calls out many world-class Masters together like the 2008 Olympic Chinese Martial Arts Champion Qingjian Zhao. They want to stand on the worldwide stage and share their wonderful culture to everyone.

“Our martial arts and culture are also our pressure to bring one of the most important traditions of the Chinese culture [Kung Fu] to the stage,” said Gu.  “We want everyone to see our show, even if it’s not perfect; this is our gift to the community.” She also feels there is room for improvement and the event will get bigger every year hereto after. Kung Fu is simply defined as unarmed personal combat, similar to Karate (Japanese) & Tae Kwon Do (Korean); however, there are several more layers to the discipline. The martial art is physical and spiritual and requires concentration and self-discipline.  It is more than a sport, but it’s also a cultural art.   Preparation for a performance involving skill, like dance, is also Kung Fu.

Approximately 30 schools participated in the annual extravaganza, including kids and adults.  The students were trained to follow the tenets of Kung Fu.  There are reportedly thousands of students around the Bay Area with the purpose of becoming stronger mentally and physically, in addition to evolving into a positive person. Kung Fu also represents the Meaning of Life and Happiness.  The brain and body control feeling. The students, their masters, and the schools all put on a great show for the excited crowd in the auditorium, in which they confirmed their appreciation immediately and audibly. Although many of the gatherings were there to cheer on and observe their children or family, the “Man of the Hour” or headliner, Master Quinjian Zhao, was who everyone came out to see in person.





The 2008 Olympic (Beijing) Gold medalist and national/international champion demonstrated his Kung Fu expertise and skills in a very impressive manner under the lights on stage.  The crowd snapped pictures, shot video or just looked, with their naked eyes, in amazement at every move of “The God of Wushu” or the “New Jet Li.” Being compared to a Kung Fu movie star does help with mainstream recognition; however, the TRUE Kung Fu fans or aficionados, absolutely know who Zhao is and what he means for the Chinese community.


Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li are the mainstream western hemisphere’s perceived synonymous trio for Kung Fu culture, but there is so much more to discover about the ancient martial art and lifestyle. Several media outlets, politicians and other important people were in the house to cover or witness the martial arts exposition.  This includes Councilmember, Yan Zhao, of Saratoga, who was very supportive of Kung Fu Night beforehand and during the evening. Ding Ding TV, Silicon Valley Innovation Channel, serves as the liaison between China and the Asian American community in the Bay Area and other locales.  DDTV also served as a partner to Kung Fu Night ’19, as well as providing extensive coverage of the culturally significant affair. Diana Ding, Founder & CEO of the company, was not only present but presented awards to the worthy recipients and mingled with fellow dignitaries. Kung Fu Night 2019 fulfilled all expectations and provided a great deal of entertainment for all of whom that were present, Live and in Color.





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