Civic Leadership Forum – Ethnic Meda Roundtable: Dialog With Candidates

What are the most important issues in the San Francisco bay area?
How do elected officials show that they care about voters’ fears and anxieties with answers?
Civic Leadership Forum: Ethnic Medias Roundtable — Dialog with candidates was held at Ding Ding TV studio. Ding Ding TV and India Currents organized the Ethnic Medias Roundtable, supported by CLUSA, and partnership with Ethnic Media Services.
Important local issues were discussed between elected officials and a strong contingent of ethnic Media. Reports brought concerns of ethnic communities to elected officials. Elected officials answered the questions and provided the solutions. The content from this forum will reach a larger community through online Media, TV channels, radios, and newspapers. 10 ethnic media participated in the dialogue:
Ding Ding TV, India Currents, Ethnic Media Services, VietPress USA, Maeil Business Newspaper ( Wall Street Journal in South Korea), Lion Television –– Channel 16.10, North California, GlinkNews, Tan Phuong Media, Voice of Chinese America, and design2market.
5 elected officials attended the discussion:
  • Kansen Chu, California State Assemblymember District 25
  • Ash Kalra, California State Assemblymember District 27
  • Johnny Khamis, San Jose City Councilmember District 10
  • Rishi Kumar, Saratoga City Councilmember
  • Anna Song, Vice President, Santa Clara County Board of Education
  • Diana Ding: CEO of Ding Ding TV
  • Vandana Kumar: Publisher of India Currents







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