US and China Huawei, enemy or friend by Scott Jamar

Bio of Guest Speakers:

Scott Jamar – As the Vice President of Industry Relations, Mr. Jamar serves as a company spokesperson, working closely with local government and business organizations, as well as educational organizations and local media.  Prior to his role as VP of Industry Relations, Mr. Jamar was VP of Enterprise Marketing where he managed Huawei’s Enterprise Marketing team supporting global markets outside of China.  Responsibilities included design and management of Huawei’s English language web properties, marketing publications, social media marketing, key messaging, and served as executive producer/host of Huawei’s Enterprise Podcast channel.  Mr. Jamar is a veteran high technology executive with more than 30 years’ experience in telecommunications and networking. As a senior product marketing executive, he has developed innovative products and business strategies for the world’s leading networking companies, such as Computer Sciences, Novell, Cisco, and AT&T Labs. Scott holds an EE degree from Heald College and a certificate in telecommunications from UC Berkeley Extension.


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