FiFish V6 – World’s First 4K Omni-directional Consumer Underwater Drone

World’s First 4K Omni-directional Consumer Underwater Drone

Imagine you dive down across the ocean landscapes, or seamlessly glide through the waters with manta rays, all the while broadcasting Live. The dream is now a reality! The world’s first 4K omni-directional consumer underwater drone, the Fifish V6, made to take on all your underwater exploration.

Fishing, exploring, photographing, treasure hunting, study marine life, filming. Great for anyone who wants to explore the underwater world. Fifish is a strong advocate for ocean conservation, as well as for generating greater awareness on various ocean-related issues and topics, with 1% of its profits designated for the CleanSea Project.


Complete Freedom of Movement

FIFISH V6 applies its patented vector thrusters to achieve 6 degrees of mobility and all angles of movement. Not only is it capable of lateral movements and vertical ascents, but the V6 can also rotate in 360° flips, rolls and pivots. Its Posture Lock™ function allows the V6 to hold and lock down its angle with ±0.1° degree accuracy while moving any direction of choice. Users can also perform an exciting array of movement combinations -from rolls while moving forwards or downward tilt while moving sideways- to capture underwater content with full creative control.

From treasure hunting and exploring through shipwrecks or gliding alongside marine animals, FIFISH V6’s stabilizing algorithm provides smooth and accurate points of view for all underwater-capturing needs, giving the user ability to create powerful and memorable cinematic shots with just a simple touch.


An Immersive VR Adventure

A ground-breaking feature for consumer underwater drones, FIFISH V6 integrates VR smart technology that immerses users into the underwater world. The VR box and APP combination takes users into the pilot seat of the drone, providing an elevated and captivating controlling experience. Paired with an advanced VR Head Tracking function, the drone can be controlled not only in the first-person-view, but users get full 360° control of the drone’s rotations simply by moving their head. Tilt the head sideways to roll the drone, look up to tilt the drone upward, look to the right to pivot the drone rightward; this creates an exciting and all-new method to control the ROV.




Optimized Camera System

The FIFISH V6 comes equipped with a 4K ultra high-definition camera, capable of enhancing the vivid details of the underwater environment. The equally impressive 1080p at 120 frames-per-second option delivers smooth slow-motion footage that lets users capture more detail out of a single shot. Moreover, FIFISH V6 is armed with a 166° adaptable field-of-view lens display, providing the bigger picture that connects users seamlessly with the ocean life and its ecosystems. FIFISH V6 offers advanced compression in its videos, through applying the H.265 codec that results in better storage efficiency with greater detail.

With a combined 4,000 lumen lights at the head, with different levels of adjustable brightness, FIFISH V6 delivers you remarkably vibrant and stunning underwater content. V6’s manual option mode for adjusting shutter speed, white balance selection, saturation, and exposure satisfies the most professional requirements of photographers, making post-editing tasks highly user-friendly. Film and photograph cinematic selfies with the fascinating backdrop of the surrounding oceanic environment.


Integrated & All-Inclusivcs

FIFISH V6’s all-new and revamped APP provides all the important tools and displays for the user in their underwater explorations and filming adventures. Once connected to the drone, the APP interface provides detailed information on the drone’s depth and orientation, as well as DSLR quick settings to efficiently adjust the camera’s white balance, shutter speed, ISO range and much more. The APP allows efficient wireless transfer of content from the V6 to either your mobile or the micro SD card with the controller, with a simple touch of a button.

Through FIFISH V6’s integrated app and HDMI box, users can also broadcast their underwater adventures to the world in an instant. From Twitch, Facebook live and many more, share your content with friends and family with the touch of a button.



Advanced Imaging System & Durability

Leveraging underwater big data analytics, FIFISH V6’s new imaging system extends its core functionalities and enhances its abilities to identify different types of aquatic life and surrounding territories. Its all-improved obstacle avoidance and following capabilities bring a greater arsenal of tools for the user underwater.

The V6’s built-in 9-cell battery provides an optimal 4.5 hours diving time and is ensured to withstand temperatures ranging from -10 to 60°C. From the Arctic Oceans to Tropic Islands, FIFISH V6 is a reliable companion in the user’s quests for deep-sea explorations and cinematography.




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