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Wu Ying, the founder of AnFou

Wu, Ying is one of the earliest successful serial entrepreneurs in China in the last 30 years. He was the founder of S&P Pharmaceutical Development Ltd., the first publicly traded company in his home province of Qinghai, as well as the first trust and investment corporation there. Now Wu has a new dream: Food safety. In 2014, he founded “Global Safe Food Alliance.” In 2015, he started “AnFou Agriculture Technology Ltd.,” and is currently serving as its CEO. In 2017, he founded “AnFou Agriculture Technology Training Institute.” Recently, Wu was interviewed by Diana Ding, the founder and CEO of Silicon Valley Innovation Channel and Ding Ding TV. Wu told this story: After his daughter’s birth, he went through great difficulties in the search for the right kind of baby formula that her infant daughter would not reject. This experience inspired him to take greater responsibilities for the community, environment, and for the future generations. Wu championed safe food and environmental protection out of both duty and love for his children and future generations.


About AnFou

AnFou Company was established in February 2015. The office is located in Wangjing SOHO in the northwest of Beijing. There are currently more than 30 employees. Since its inception, Ann has always regarded consumer health as its main goal. AnFou’s Food APP platform, each product sold, has been witnessed by the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS). Ann will do its best to ensure that all food on the platform is safe and healthy. An is the first safe food discovery and recommendation platform in China for PGS. It is co-sponsored by a group of moms and dads who are looking for safe food for their children and outstanding experts and opinion leaders in agriculture and food. Anbu is still a value-oriented company. Love and dignity are the genes of Ang, and the health of Tianlan is the corporate vision of security. Care, responsibility, coordination, learning, telling the truth, zero evil and perseverance are the core values ​​of Anwar. AnFou company has products such as Anwei Food APP. AnFou Food APP is a community platform for safe food transactions and user communication. The platform features a participatory security system (PGS) with food safety as the first consideration. AnFou Food APP adopts a strict access system. Every product sold on the platform must pass the PGS Safeguards’ field testimony. The An No Food Platform provides safe products that have been field-tested. AnFou Food APP is a trading platform and a social tool. On the platform, there are not only columns and classes for experts to give lectures, but also Anbo, which communicates with producers and consumers, as well as live broadcasts of PGS witnesses and expert lectures. Producers and consumers who are concerned about safe food will form an interactive community on the platform, and provide a perfect communication and trading platform for users. In the future, Ann will adhere to the corporate vision of net blue people’s health, and through the PGS witness, find safe foods that have been witnessed in the field for consumers all over the world. Choosing security is to choose security, that is, choose peace of mind.


Spotlight: Ying Wu, the founder of AnFou

 Wu, Ying: a Serial Entrepreneur, A Pioneer, A Leader

Rather than letting the food industries to lead the endeavor, Wu wanted the consumers to take the initiative for controlling the safe food chain. This differentiates from the previous business models. “Since the last century, the world as a whole has experienced for the first time economic crisis resulting from overproduction. At the same time, there is an abrupt rise in consumer’s rights. Consumers are now in control of what used to be the producers’ decision-making power, about prices, and about new product chains’ formation and establishment. Consumers are initiating their own duties and exercising their rights, prompted by the food industries which are the culprit for unsafe food.”



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Utilizing the blockchain model AnFou wants to address three points. Distributed accounting can solve the problem of leaking information about different roles in the new industry chain that are driven from the consumer side. The second point is the use of smart contracts. Through its activities over the last few years, AnFou established a large system of think tanks and relevant institutions. This system functions as a smart contract – it allows different roles and aspects to organize everyone’s behavior in accordance with the same standard and goal.  It gives all the participants in the process the responsibility for the safety of a product. The third point is the Token, the blockchain incentive mechanism. Mr. Ying called upon the experts in the field to analyze potential ways by which a relationship between Token Economy and ecological construction of safe food can be established.

Blockchain remains a hot topic and is not reserved for technology anymore. Experts from various industries started to examine how it can influence areas beyond cryptocurrency. The panel participants wanted to know what challenges the traditional industry faces when using the blockchain technology. For the purpose of this discussion, the primary area of interest was the food safety industry. Over the years food safety has become a global issue, AnFou was founded in 2011 in a bid to establish an eco-system that will ensure the safety of our food for all children and for the generations to come. Mr. Wu is a serial entrepreneur who founded S&P Pharmaceutical Development Ltd, the first publicly traded company in Qinghai (his home province).



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