Silicon Valley Business Forum: Marketing Across Cultures Panel Discussion

Several experts in international marketing gathered for a panel discussion at Ding Ding TV as part of the first Silicon Valley Business Forum of 2019.  This forum was organized by the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee and Silicon Valley Innovation Channel Ding Ding TV.  Attendees were able to learn how to market their business on an international level across different cultures.


Notable quotes from the panelists:

“If you’re doing business in China, you have to use Wechat.  You use WeChat for eve (the local social media tools)” – Michael Condry, former CTO of Intel

“When you’re doing business with the French, you don’t talk about business/money at the table, such as at a dinner or a party.” – Avi Gingold, former Director of Sales & Marketing, Radwiz, Israel

With American companies going to China. George Koo shared his opinion and knowledge as an international business advisor for many years, so he is very experienced with the history and culture.

When: Tuesday, January 22, 2019, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Where: Ding Ding TV 3350 Scott Blvd. Bldg. 54, Santa Clara, CA 95054



Dr. ArLyne Diamond Ph.D. –  Consultant and President of Diamond Associates.

ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D. is a Leadership, Management O-D and Professional Development Consultant specializing in people and processes in the workplace. ArLyne’s multi-faceted background in business, psychology, consulting and even a smattering of law allow her to see things from a variety of angles – and to cleave to the essence of a problem.  Her clients range from individuals, professional practices, businesses of all sizes and government agencies.  In addition, she has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at several colleges and universities. Currently, she is teaching compliance courses and a series of webinars in many soft skills areas.

Dr. Diamond is noted for dealing with tough subjects – resolving conflict and communication issues, evaluating claims of harassment, discrimination and bullying, and teaching professionals how to conduct thorough and neutral evaluations.  She has six published books in addition to her master’s and doctoral theses and has written hundreds of articles.



Michael Condry, Former CTO of Intel

Currently the Chair of the Advisory Board for ClinicAl a BioMed startup company, Michael Condry’s career spans both academic and industry positions.  He has held Senior Leadership roles in Intel, Sun, AT&T and Bell Laboratories.  Most recently Michael was the CTO in the Client Division of Intel.  He also held teaching positions at Princeton and the University of Chicago.  He is currently President of the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS), is a senior board member of the IEEE Electronics Society (IES), and chairs the IEEE Industry Forum.

Leslie Levy August, COO – Boomerang Carnets

Leslie Levy August has over twenty-five years of experience helping importers and exporters save money and ease customs clearance when shipping product samples, professional and trade show equipment abroad.  Most recently she has specialized in the international temporary export document, the ATA Carnet (Merchandise Passport) and U.K. exporters to ensure their products and equipment are shipped and returned to their point of origin without duty and import tax.  Her company is Boomerang Carnets whose customers represent a broad range of exporters and importers across the globe.  Leslie is a blogger, authors the Exportise e-newsletter and serves on the Boards of several non-profit trade education organizations.

Bruce La Fetra, Partner, Eastwood Strategy Advisors

Bruce approaches marketing from the angle of the customer’s perspective.  He uncovers what the customer thinks, wants, and values – enabling the company to focus on improving the customer’s business rather than “selling” products and services.  Bruce gained his perspective by interviewing hundreds of B2B customers.  Bruce’s work creates a long-term outlook and business-wide perspective that naturally aligns marketing, sales, operations, and finance.

Dr. George P. Koo, International Business Adviser

George was the founder of International Strategic Alliances, a cross border advisory firm assisting US high tech companies in Asia.  While at Deloitte he was a senior advisor in the Chinese Services Group and on the board of directors of Las Vegas Sands. Currently on the board of Freshfields, a startup offering green energy building platforms, he is helping the company introduce their technology in China.

Avi Gingold, Former Director of Sales & Marketing,  Radwiz, Israel

Avi held various executive positions in International Sales, Business Development and Marketing with Israeli High Tech startups in Israel and the United States.  As the Director of Sales and Marketing for Radwiz, he helped position them for acquisition by Terayon Communications in the US.



Diana Ding – Ding Ding TV

Ravinder LaL – UPS Stores

Brandon O’Donnell – Payment Love



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