The Unveiling of the Bust of Anson Burlingame

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Burlingame Treaty, named after American diplomatic minister to China Anson Burlingame, Burlingame Foundation hosted an event to celebrate, as well as to announce to “foster better ties between the United States, China, and the rest of the world in the endeavor to enhance global resilience in the 21st Century.”, as proclaimed by U.S.-China Relations Historian Dr. George Koo.  He also adds that “we carry forth all endeavors in the spirit of Anson Burlingame in the promotion of international tolerance, sustainable development, and win-win cooperation at all levels and amongst all peoples.”  One of the main highlights of the event was artist Chou Limin revealing a bust of Anson Burlingame that he himself sculpted in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Burlingame Treaty.


Featured Guests:

Brad McCully – City Librarian for Burlingame Public Library

Dr. George Koo – U.S.- China Relations Historian

David Chai, Ph.D., President of ChineseAmericanHeroes.org

Lisa Lillelund – Direct Descendant of Anson Burlingame

Kevin Mullin – Assemblymember

Faqiang Ren – Deputy Consul General, PRC

Dr. Walter Christman – President of Burlingame Foundation

Michael Brownrigg – Mayor of Burlingame

Zhou Limin – Artist


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