Innovation Dialog: The Youngest Assembly Member From Silicon Valley – Evan Low

California State Assemblymember Evan Low defines innovation as “the hustle, drive, and passion for significant change”

Today, California State Assemblymember Evan Low joined founder and CEO of Ding Ding TV, Diana Ding, for an Innovation Dialog. As the son of an optometrist and nephew of an orthodontist, Assemblymember Low’s career path seemed set on being a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. However, he chose the path of serving the public realm. Assemblymember Low then explained how he launched the first California Legislative Technology and Innovation Caucus in order to support the drive for California to remain a leader in technology and innovation. Moving into the topic of Chinese medicine, Assemblymember Low emphasized the benefits of using acupuncture. While acupuncture is mainly seen by the public as a form of Eastern medicine as opposed to Western, as the founder of California Statewide Chinese Medicine and Acupucture Association, Assemblymember Low hopes to have acupucture and Chinese medicine be more widely used in California. He is also making an effort to advocate for the needs of the next generation, being a millenial himself. As a Chinese-American, Assemblymember Low is also advocating for history not repeating itself, referring to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which can now be seen today in the form of the Muslim ban. As a Chinese-American elected official, he is opening the doors for significant change for minorities in California having the same opportunities as everyone else in terms of education and job opportunities, as well as inspiring the next generation to do the same.

At the age of 31, Assemblymember Low became the youngest Asian American legislator to have been elected to the Assembly in state history. Assemblymember Low chairs the Business and Professions Committee as well as the California Legislative LGBT Caucus. In 2015, together with Assemblymember Ian Calderon (D-Whittier), he launched the first in the state California Legislative Technology & Innovation Caucus. The Caucus comprises of a bi-partisan group of Senators and Assemblymembers who view this as a statewide effort to ensure that California remains the global leader in technology and innovation. Assemblymember Low is a lifelong resident of Silicon Valley and has been a regional community leader. His work within the community and deep knowledge of issues local residents faced led him to run for Campbell City Council in 2006. He made history as the first Asian American elected to Campbell’s City Council. In 2010, Assemblymember Low also made history by becoming the youngest openly LGBT mayor in the country at the age of 26. While serving on Campbell’s City Council, he helped balance the city budget without eliminating vital services and increase government transparency by streaming City Council meetings online. Assemblymember Low promoted small business and job growth by cutting red tape and streamlining the licensing process for business owners. Assemblymember Low has been named “Legislator of the Year” by the Internet Association, TechNet, The Computing Technology Industry Association, California Faculty Association, Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, California District Attorneys Association and Faculty Association of California Community Colleges.




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