Geju Business School

The Geju Business School does not simply have tangible assets. It will transcend the enterprise boundaries and impact not only the entire industry, but the society as well. It also plays an outstanding role as carriers of social and ideological values, as well as bridges for innovation, which can all be passed on to the future generations.

The greatness of the Geju Business School is not just establishing 1,000 standardized classrooms within the next five years, having hundreds or thousands of top domestic and foreign experts to lecture at Geju Studio, or possessing extensive knowledge in the business-related fields. Instead, the greatness of the School lies in its inner and unique power. This power then gives birth to the character, style, and tradition of Geju Business School. These characteristics will neither be eliminated by the arrival of new knowledge, nor be halted by new tools or technologies. This is due to the School’s transcendent values and its ability to recreate a wealth of new knowledge itself.

Geju Business School will establish an even more close-knit value structure while satisfying the students’ knowledge, resource, emotional, and spiritual needs. In this value structure, each entrepreneur is needed, valued, profited, and can constantly promote social progress while creating wealth. Make an active and positive impact in the end. This is our mission! Valuable individuals, teams, and branch institutions would appear from this mission. The full interactive effect of the values is Geju’s value, and this is the value that drives social progress. These values and capabilities will gradually personalize and enable the School to evolve into an ideology and a realm. With further polishing and the time went by, this ideology and realm will evolve into a character, and that is the character of great tolerance! It will respect the differences and be all inclusive; and pass on the world’s best knowledge, ideas, and wisdom with the most economic methods and means in order to allow more entrepreneurs to enjoy top high-quality courses and contents.

Geju Business School will establish a healthy and harmonious knowledge cultural platform by gathering groups of positive and cheerful business elites, as well as social and spiritual leaders. It will nurture socially beneficial behaviors and actions to promote social advancement; and all of the participants will have unexpected harvests!


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