Innovation Dialog With Hans Tung

Hans Tung is a rare investor who has reached the upper echelon of investors in both China and the U.S. at the same time. That cross-border focus has proved a money pot after U.S.-Chinese startup Musical.ly sold to Bytedance for $900 million in November 2017. Known for his eye for e-commerce, the GGV partner counts eleven unicorns, or billion-dollar companies, in his portfolio today. They include Xiaomi, Wish, Bytedance, Slack, Airbnb, OfferUp, Peloton, Coinbase, Xiaohongshu, Meili and SmartMi. More recently, Tung has been spending more of his time exploring consumer startups in New York and Los Angeles.

Hans Tung

Managing Partner at GGV Capital in SF and Beijing
Forbes Midas Lister: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Board of Directors – Wish, Musical.ly, Poshmark, Yellow in Brazil, Misfit, Curse, Grubmarket in CA;
Xiaohongshu, Xiaomi ecosystem companies, Forgame (HKSE: 0484) in China
Co-led GGV investment in Airbnb, Slack, Didi, Mogujie
Early investor in Xiaomi Technology, eHi (NYSE EHIC), Dianping in China; Snapdeal in India
GGV: $4Bn AUM and 18 IPOs since 2010

硅谷创新频道 – 丁丁电视报道: 共建数码丝绸之路:中国创新启迪世界 – 2017华源科技年会 10/05/2017


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